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Produk Supermicro



Experience Our Edge Over the Competition
Below are just some of Supermicro's product advantages:

  1. First-to-Market
  2. Latest Technologies (Simply Double, NVMe and Dual-Port NVMe, All-Flash Solutions, Supermicro RSD, Redfish, SIOM, M.2, New Form Factor Flash, CPU/GPU/Xeon Phi™, KNL, OPA, EDR, 100/40/25/10G Ethernet, BBP®, SuperDOM, 8-Way
  3. Most Optimized Designs
  4. Widest Range of Server/Storage Products Available
  5. Best Selection of High-End Server/Storage Products
  6. Global SKUs - Accelerated Deployment, Support and Service Worldwide
  7. Redfish Based Server Management
  8. End-to-End Server, Storage and Networking Total Solutions for Virtualization, Cloud, Software Defined Storage and Big Data)
  9. Supermicro Rack Scale Design (Supermicro RSD)
  10. Best Price/Performance Ratio
  11. High Availability
  12. High Performance and Quality
  13. High Density
  14. Extensive Product Lines to Customize depending on Customers' Needs
  15. Global Services
These advantages have helped Supermicro establish itself as a true leader in server technology. The full range of Supermicro products stand above the competition by delivering industry-leading performance and efficiency at competitive prices. With the most extensive product line in the industry to meet the widest range of customer needs, Supermicro has proven itself to be a world leader in server design and manufacturing.