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Supermicro Server Management Utilities

Server management utilities assist data center system administrators to manage hardware issues such as server availability and firmware upgrades to reduce server downtime.

Supermicro has developed a multifunction suite of tools that can perform health monitoring, power management and firmware maintenance to help deploy and maintain servers in data centers.

Our solutions are designed for easy automation with existing management infrastructure. In data centers, Supermicro Server Management Utilities provides you all the necessary functions like:

Remotely managing the health of hardware and operating system services: Helps IT operators to monitor the health of system components through Agent and Agent-less based solutions.

Managing power consumption of nodes in cluster: Optimize the power consumption of your server rack. Monitor and apply polices to maximize compute density per rack and avoid unexpected server shutdowns.

Managing BIOS provisioning through BMC/IPMI: Allows you to manage system BIOS upgrades and configurations uniformly across multi-environment deployments through baseboard management controller.

Execute commands on multiple target systems through Redfish API: Perform API execution for server health, system inventory, power info, event notification and many more through secure socket layer (SSL).

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